What fascinates me most in action sports photography is the continuous change of settings. The weather, light situations, models, landscapes – no matter what the situation is like, the demand for (the) photo quality is extremely high. My office is always changing: From very remote locations and work in even the roughest conditions – either on muddy trails in the woods or on rocky paths high up in the mountains – to work in the water, in the studio and hotels.


Markus Greber (*1968) has been working as a journalist for 16 years. From 2002 on he administrated the test and technology-department of the “BIKE Magazin”, Europe’s biggest magazine for mountainbikers. Therefore he probably knows this sport and the scene like no one else.

Photography has always been a lot more than just a hobby for the autodidact – 2008 he started following his passion. A lot of international sports magazines and catalogues bear his hallmarks.

Now he has come up with a new challenge – the electric mobility on two wheels. Since the birth of the “EMTBs” Markus Greber has recognized Bikes with an „E“ as the perfect work tool to also reach the most remote corners for taking his pictures. Meanwhile the EMTB means much more to him than a work tool. The new sport fascinated him so much, that he – at least temporarily – returned to his former job as a journalist. Together with the Delius Klasing Verlag, he raised the “EMTB Magazin”, which is the first printed magazine only for E-Mountainbikes. Amongst raising the magazine, Markus Greber certainly created his own, special imagery.